There were a lot of fun moments.
But I've grown pretty tired of it.
So now it's your turn.

These are all the files needed to run my server.
An instruction list will be soon be made.
If you want to host it for everyone, use NFOServers.
They're pretty sick.

Just don't use the name Garry's Bhop.
I would like the name to end with me.

Shouts out to everybody that worked on the gamemode, you feel me, son?
Shouts out to lorp and Meeno for the coding, paid or not.
Shouts out to South for the pog-ass Discord bot. May Garry rest in peace.
Shouts out to justa for the various tools and giving me the drive to make my server better.
Shouts out to Gravious for the shitty base.
Shouts out to Vehnex for being a fucking faggot.
Shouts out to fibzy for being an absolute retard.
Shouts out to sei and henwi for being OGs and staying Gs.

Shouts out to y'all for giving my server a shot.
I'm pretty happy with how shit turned out.

Bot Data
LUAs, CFGs, and DLLs

September 19, 2019 - February 26, 2020.