This fastDL is free for public use.


Q: What makes this fastDL different from any other fastDL?
A: I have personally vetted every single map by looking at the original listing in gamebanana and ensuring the map meets a certain standard of quality. While that bar can be pretty low, there are certain maps that are not added. Acer's does not do that, Kawaii's isn't updated, and most other servers throw whatever fucking map they see in. Here's a general ruleset that I use to determine if a map is added:

  1. Does it look decent? (This weeds out most shit maps.)
  2. Are the textures annoying to look at?
  3. Is the map equivalent to bfur AKA only strafing in essentially a straight line with no gameplay changes? (This weeds out some shit maps.)
  4. Is the map from a known mapper?
  5. Does the mapper seem like they care? (profile picture (not necessary but helps), map description actually being used, etc)
  6. Does the mapper supply enough screenshots? (If there's not enough info, I don't download)

Q: What about maps not on gamebanana?
A: I have some of the more popular ones that aren't on gamebanana. For those, I usually vet them by word of mouth (a friend says it's good), playing the map myself, or it being a "classic". Ex: bh_aztec

Q: Do you believe your fastDL is superior to others?
A: Yes. I highly recommend anyone to use it.

Q: How often are maps added?
A: Currently, every month I review gamebanana.

Q: You don't have the most recent version of a map.
A: DM me on Discord and notify me.

Q: My map differs from your fastDL version.
A: Chances are, mine is the updated one. Some mappers choose not to rename their maps after bugfixes or patches. Go download it from the gamebanana website and place it in your D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps folder. Try joining again. If it still occurs, message me on Discord and I'll fix it.

Q: You don't have a map I think should be added.
A: DM me on Discord with the link. I'll review it and see if it's worth adding. If not, try playing maps that are actually half-decent.

Q: You have one version of a map, but not the other. (EX: Freedompuppies)
A: Some older maps have had a ton of remakes by a ton of different people. With freedompuppies, I believe the one I have is a retexture only that makes the map look less terrible. The gameplay is usually the same.

Q: You don't have this map, which is a compilation of a bunch of other maps that you already have.
A: Compilation maps are lazy, low-effort, and usually bad. (Exceptions do exist, which in some cases I do have them.) I'd rather keep the maps separate. If you REALLY want to play the compilation map, I suggest you go somewhere else.

Discord: czarchasm#4106
Last update: Nov 19, 2020
Last map reviewed: bhop_kz_ethereal