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game server

no cheating
no spam for no reason
no exploiting
don't bully for no reason
don't ban evade
no ddosing other users
no ip grabbing via any method
you can cheat using 3rd party cheats in TAS

discord server

no spam
keep discussions in their respective channels
don't be a dick without reason
no scamming or scam attempts
no ddosing other users
no ip grabbing links via any method
don't bully without reason
mutual advertising: if you advertise in my server, i can advertise in your server as well
any advertising should not be annoying or come out of nowhere


tryna flex with your massive e-peen and wallet? hell yeah bro. there are two tiers:

VIP ($5)

- Custom name with one color
- Tag changer with one color
- Discord role

VIP++ ($10)

- Fully custom name with full color range
- Tag changer with full color range
- Chat color changer
- Discord role

Here's an example:

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Go to the Discord and message either the Admin who banned you that you would like to make an appeal. Detail:
a. Why you were banned (the actual ban reason)
b. Why you think you were banned (optional)
c. Why you should be unbanned
If the admin does not reply, do not spam anywhere. Contact either another Admin or czarchasm.
If you are unhappy with the results of your appeal, contact czarchasm.